Saturday, October 13, 2012

Addition With and Without Regrouping

We have just finished our addition unit. We learned different techniques and strategies for adding whole numbers. I do teach kids to add numbers using the traditional algorithm, which we refer to as "Old School" but I also provide them with many different ways.

Our standard states that third grade students should be able to "fluently add numbers within 1000 using strategies and algorithms based on place value, properties of operations, and/or the relationship between addition and subtraction".

What it means in normal people terms is that students need to be able to add numbers less than 1,000 using lots of different ways and be able to check their answers by using subtraction.

Here are the PowerPoint presentations that I use in class (if it doesn't come up on your Apple product just click on the link and you can view it on the site):

This is how I teach kids to draw out problems. This strategy works really well for those kids who are not good with basic addition facts.

Branching is about taking an addition problem and break it into expanded form and grouping the tens and ones together to make adding easier. This is really how you add numbers together when you do it mentally in your head.

Give and Take is a strategy that I teach students who have difficulty remembering to regroup or add the "1" that was regrouped into the tens place. It takes the regrouping out of adding with regrouping!

 To teach checking, we focus on fact families. Every number sentence is made up of 1 "Big Number" and 2 "Small Numbers". The rules are:
S + S = B
B - S = B
If you know the rules, you can check addition by taking the answer "the big number" and subtracting one of the addends "the small numbers". If you added correctly then your answer should be the other "small number".

Here are some of the videos I use in class and some others to help you understand these new "crazy" methods this "crazy teacher" is teaching your kids. 


Expanded Form or Partial Sums Addition

Old School Song

Some online games that make learning and practicing fun can be found below:
Our most favorite video that really helps when we do the "Give and Take" method.

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