Homework Horrors!!

Every child will have homework every night.
Reading- Every night students should read something for 20 minutes.

Language- Will Vary

Vocabulary & Spelling- Will Vary

Science/Social Studies-This year students are learning how to     study. Parent notes will go home at the beginning of each unit and every night someone will need to call out questions about the notes to the student. Students are expected to study for 10 minutes each night and a parent signature is required to confirm that the student studied.

Math-Students have 7 math problems every night. These problems will practice skills with addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, estimation, and problem solving. Each child will also have Whiz Quiz homework if he/she doesn't pass their quiz that day. They are to write the problems that are circled 5 times each for practice.

It is the responsibility of students to write down their homework in their agenda book every morning. Teachers will check to make sure they wrote it correctly for the first 9 weeks. After that they are expected to do it on their own. Parents are the only way to make sure students are doing their homework, so please check to make sure they have completed their homework and replaced it into their binders so it can make it back to school.

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