Magnificent Math

Welcome to Mrs. Hill’s Third Grade Math P.I.R.A.T.E.S.
(Prepared, Informed, Responsible and Truly Engaged Students)
Boy Holding a Giant Calculator
This year will build on everything your child has learned in second grade and move onto to more difficult concepts, like multiplication & division. I will be teaching your child in new, innovative, and engaging ways, most of which you will have never seen before. I ask that you please do not  reteach your child. Many of the concepts, he or she will learn in third grade will be concepts you did not learn until 4th or 5th grade, and I have developed different ways to make these harder concepts easier to grasp.

Our Team Schedule
Everyday in math will follow the same format:

1.      Homework: We will go over the previous night’s work and write down our new homework. They will have 7 problems (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, estimation, and a word problem) Monday-Thursday.

2.      Mountain Math- This is a bulletin board activity that will review and preview all math concepts taught throughout the year.

3. Whiz Quiz- These are a 1 minute fact practice that comes on a strip of paper and focuses on one set of facts. Every child  moves at their own pace and starts out on addition and works all the way through to division. If they pass, they move on. If they don’t, they have to practice for homework. Knowing basic facts will make everything we do in 3rd grade so much easier.

4.      Lesson-This is will we will learn new concepts.

5.      Work Outs-This is our practice session.

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